How to change the names of groups in YoWhatsApp? - YoWhatsApp download

 Today, YoWhatsApp has become a very popular chat application. We know that this application serves to strengthen relationships. You can use it to address your friends, family, colleagues and managers. In addition, you can create a business account that generates trust in your company.

How to change the names of groups in YoWhatsApp? - YoWhatsApp download

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I whatsapp can also be used for group conversations, which sometimes increases the efficiency of the company. Want to know how to change the group name in YoWhatsApp? Come and follow me.

The guide is divided into 8 steps

  • Open your YoWhatsApp and make sure you have the YoWhatsApp downloaded to your smartphone.
  • Select the group you wish to nominate. When I open whatsapp you will see the chat screen and the groups that are in your chat list. Then click on the group to open the group chat screen.
  • Click on the group information under the group name. Group information is at the top of the chat screen.
  • Then click on the 3 points. It's in the upper right corner.
  • Select change topic. When you open the 3 points, you will see different options, then click change topic.
  • Then enter a new group name. The old name will appear on the screen, delete it and enter the new group name.
  • Enter the new name and click ok. Once you have changed the name of your group, you can edit it. The options to accept and cancel appear. Then click ok.
  • The name of your group has been changed. After clicking ok, the group name change has been successful.

Can't you wait to change the name of your YOWhatsApp group? So let us begin!